Future of FinTech is Web3.0


Helping ThankUCash leverage Web3.0 for Decentralized Reward Points
ThankUCash has built a decentralized and interoperable merchant rewards and loyalty platform that enables customers to earn and redeem loyalty points across different merchants. When we invested in ThankUCash, we saw an opportunity to help them leverage blockchain infrastructure for their decentralized rewards platform which empowers merchants in Africa with tools to successfully run their businesses. ThankUCash is tokenizing their loyalty points and will enable buy now pay later services to give more value to customers. Our strategy lies at the intersection of DeFi and TradFi; we are actively driving Web3.0 across our portfolio. We will continue to focus on investing Web3.0 enabled companies that are driving financial access to businesses and customers. Watch the Keynote here


Unpacking Web3.0 Investment Opportunities at Africa Tech Summit



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Unicorn Growth Capital

Unicorn Growth Capital


Unicorn Growth Capital is an early-stage Web3 VC fund that invests in the future of Finance, bridging TradFi & DeFi to foster more inclusive economies.